Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The new man in my Life!

I have never felt more restless in life before. My eyes have never looked so dull early morning. Lack of sleep had begun to take its toll on me. He seems to be everywhere, omnipresent in my thoughts, dreams.He was becoming an obsession for me. I wonder what is that drew me to him,his smile, those big expressive, naughty eyes or that million dollar hug he used to give me. I realised that I cherish every moment spent with him and was looking forward eagerly to be by his side, run my fingers through his soft hair, give him an occassional hug & kiss. Suddenly my whole world was beginning to revolve around him. I could sleep only if he slept, could eat only after he ate and I must admit I was beginning to enjoy it.
I still remember the first day I had seen him. I remember the joyous shriek that had escaped from my mouth on his arrival. It was as if he was God's special gift to me. Each day that followed was a revelation of his self. Never realised that days had become weeks and weeks in turn had become months!All I knew is that i had submitted myself fully to him and was always willing to tune myself according to his whims & fantasies.
As I write this I am waiting for him to take his first step towards me on his own , the first step towards realising my dream when he would come zooming in his bicycle and would tell me "Amma hop on , lets go for a ride"!!

Divya, not blogging??

Now what if this question keeps popping up every now and then when someone shares their blog with me. "Divya, not blogging?My immediate reflex action is to make a mental note of all the different excuses that I can put up to defend the question being put up .Don't really know whether time is playing dirty with me or is it my little one who keeps me on my toes, its been quite some time I have explored my literary side. Now having reached the moribund of my emotions I have decided to rise , raise and race against all the factors that had tied me down, and behold, I see myself blogging:-)) .Promising more, I start treading on this path, a path which I had always loved to take!