Friday, October 23, 2009

In Pursuit Of Happiness

Monotony, thy name is life,
No sooner I make this mental note,
That I see him looking at me
A look that was giving a new meaning to life.

Wondered I have stood many a times,
Watching him go about with his life,
With no hassles or complains
Taking along whatever he is given in his stride

Here I was lamenting, making
a mockery of the true blessing called life.
I paused, I waited for him,
Determined to question his blissful existence.

Following the path unknown,
To reach the distant destination,
Graciously accepting all the fellow companions
Adds a great mystery and zest to life.

Was that a smile that has perched itself on my lips?
Or was that a display of wisdom that came late?
Anyway, Life has this strange way
Of making you meet ones that make your day