Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Distance

The words errupted from my mouth,
Landed on his ears..
Words that were unspoken till now..
Words that were unheard till now..

Yet they had traversed a dreaded path
The path from my mouth to his ear.
The ears which had always welcomed
My expressions of ecstasy and sorrow

The compelling factors had been many
The impending disaster I did not forsee
Yet I let them out
In what I felt was a careless moment

A moment I now frantically try to recreate
Restructure with a new sequence of events
Fighting hard against the speedster
A merciless monster called time

"Father do you hear me?"
Or is the path from my heart to your ear clouded
with the painful venom that I had spit?
I seem to shiver waiting for an answer.

Father, I want to reach back to you,
I long for the warmth of your hug,
I long to lie on your lap
Counting the endless stars in the galaxy.

I have started the journey
A journey of atonement,
A journey that will wipe out forever..
The distance- The distance laid out by words!!!!