Friday, October 23, 2009

In Pursuit Of Happiness

Monotony, thy name is life,
No sooner I make this mental note,
That I see him looking at me
A look that was giving a new meaning to life.

Wondered I have stood many a times,
Watching him go about with his life,
With no hassles or complains
Taking along whatever he is given in his stride

Here I was lamenting, making
a mockery of the true blessing called life.
I paused, I waited for him,
Determined to question his blissful existence.

Following the path unknown,
To reach the distant destination,
Graciously accepting all the fellow companions
Adds a great mystery and zest to life.

Was that a smile that has perched itself on my lips?
Or was that a display of wisdom that came late?
Anyway, Life has this strange way
Of making you meet ones that make your day

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Distance

The words errupted from my mouth,
Landed on his ears..
Words that were unspoken till now..
Words that were unheard till now..

Yet they had traversed a dreaded path
The path from my mouth to his ear.
The ears which had always welcomed
My expressions of ecstasy and sorrow

The compelling factors had been many
The impending disaster I did not forsee
Yet I let them out
In what I felt was a careless moment

A moment I now frantically try to recreate
Restructure with a new sequence of events
Fighting hard against the speedster
A merciless monster called time

"Father do you hear me?"
Or is the path from my heart to your ear clouded
with the painful venom that I had spit?
I seem to shiver waiting for an answer.

Father, I want to reach back to you,
I long for the warmth of your hug,
I long to lie on your lap
Counting the endless stars in the galaxy.

I have started the journey
A journey of atonement,
A journey that will wipe out forever..
The distance- The distance laid out by words!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

With "out" Water

"Out" has always been a disgraced word in the dictionary.Its usage is always succeeded by dejection which instills a sense of helplessness in an individual forcing him to give up. Any amount of adorning with the help of prefixes have not salvaged its tarnished image. Now a little thought about the prefix "With". It portrays power,reassuarance that every thing is alright .Look at this example "I am the most happiest with you". Now try suffixing the same with an "Out". Lets get back to the example." I am the most happiest with out you". Enough of prologue, now straight to the topic..
"Depressed" would be the word to best describe my mood as I walk into my apartment after a tired day at office to find the pipes running dry the second consecutive day. This emotion was soon over come with anger, frustation and I had to just call up my husband, my emotional sink, at his office. Not giving him any room to speak I just bursted out "Theres no water at home, what am I supposed to do". I had told you many times to store water in the bucket, you never did that..blah blah.." My husband waited for me to complete and patiently (I do not know how he managed that) to call the complaint cell in the apartment complex. Now my anger increased two fold when I was not able to get through them after repeated attempts.

Cursed I the moments I had allowed water to flow continuously , while cleaning dishes, washing. I wish I had saved every drop.I was fuming by now.Thats when I realised I had just checked at one of the bathooms for water. I immediately rushed to kitchen sink and lo I was greeted by running water.I checked the rest of the taps and all tested positive. Now I had started regaining my lost mind. I quickly went to the bathroom I had checked initially. The taps were still dry. Thats when a sudden brain wave stuck me. I had in fact turned off the main water supply valve in the bathroom anticipating that in case water comes, and in case the taps are open the apartment can be flooded.I am not sure when I can have an action replay of my child like glee as I started opening the valve and water started gushing out of the pipes.
But at the same time I did I hear something ringing in my ear
"Presence of mind any day, Keeps your BP at bay":-))

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Runaway Mind

"Are you out of your mind"? , one must have heard this statement more than once during many a conversation. Thats when one stops and starts to wonder about the mightiness of Mind and the larger than life image it flashes. Delving deep into the topic, I started dissecting the above statement. The debate whether mind controls our thoughts or whether the thoughts are self driven soon commenced. Now the rationalist in me look at thoughts as a series of conditions or conditional situations , some self born and some born out of inspiration or influence.Now the big question , what role does our mind play in these "thoughtful" acts? I intend to continue my pursuit of the mystery of "The Runaway Mind".

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Her outgoing self played a perfect match to his restrained self,
Her disciplined self was a complete opposite to his laidback self,
Her garrulous nature had an unusual companion in his pleasant silence,
Her dreamy world was often shaken up by his sense of presence,
As their adorning adjectives clashed, little did they realise that,
They had just crossed yet another milestone of Togetherness.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have been trying to understand what understanding is all about. To understand the same it would be best to understand ourselves better.When we expect others to understand us, do we really realise that its very little that we understand about our own self. I have always had not so happy encounters with understandings with many a situation turning into misunderstandings. Thats when I satrted to think, is misunderstanding "miss being understood". This potentially hazardous situation arises when there is a clash of individual understandings with each missing out on others' understandings. The price of not being understood can even cost you damage to existing relationships. Understanding this and not providing fodder for any misunderstandings would definitely provide one with a better understanding of the Mystery , Not Understood called Life.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its Only Days...

Its only Days..
Years have gone by and equal number of New Years have gone by some without my knowledge but a greater part with my knowledge.Never till this day I have been able to figure the magnificant way in which the preceeding and succeeding years have been demarcated. The roots to this rather uncanny wisdom has been traced to Romans, not too sure but they hogged all the limelight with their theories of Lunar calender , the prime basis for calculation of these calenders were the time interval that elapsed between two new moons.
But the Egyptians soon put forth their theory of Solar calender with each year having twelve months and a leap year once in every four years. Now it is this calender we religiously follow and mark 31st December as New Year's eve . Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated by weeks & months , their names , What if we get a privilege to skip a day, why Saturday & Sunday has to be holidays. Why I was particularily fond of Friday and was a little hostile towards Monday. As days have gone by, I have kind of submitted myself to this mystery and allowed to be carried forward by the same.