Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hibernation- An excuse for being lazy!!

Its been quite some time since I last visited this literary frame. Blame it on my laziness! After all where there is a will there is a way....

What better way to be back in action than pen down a few thoughts about excuses.What a way to camouflage your intentional/unintentional thoughts and actions."Sorry I did not mean to hurt you", "Was stuck in a bad traffic jam". As the various verbal manifestations of excuses started lighting up my thoughts, the creativity adorned by them amused me. After all coming up with new excuses each time is no minor task.

When talking about excuses I cannot just forget an earlier reportee of mine who used to excel in this art while reporting late to office. The subtle humor in his excuses were such that the entire team used to wait for the moment when I used to walk up to him and he used to let go his excuse of being late.

Thinking of excuses is just not an excuse of being lazy, signing off with this enlightenment!

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