Saturday, December 24, 2011


He had been a nomad in search of love,
Longed he to love himself,
Love the way he was,
Love the way he lived.
Yet the devil in him held the reign,
The passage to his heart lay sealed

Thought he about the wounds he inflicted
On self and on his loved ones
How he had been in search of a herb
To soothe his bruised heart.
But all he could see was miles of land
Parched beyond a green revival.

In despair he began to tear apart his memories
Searching for the early lullabies of love
Sweet whispers that played subtly in his ears
Mother where are you?he cried.

Far away he saw the outstretched arms,
He surged ahead to soak in the warmth of love
Love that was engulfing him and stifling him
Finally he had found the love that evaded him all along
A silent smile lit his lip as he fell into the eternal sleep
Thinking of a rebirth..Mother earth here I come!

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